Stone Finishes

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A polished finish gives exactly as the name suggests; a smooth, polished finish, which is glossy in appearance. This type of finish allows a rich and elegant look to the stone. The finished product is incredibly smooth and not very porous. This finish makes for wonderful interior usage, but it is advised to not make use of a polished tile outside as these can become extremely slippery when wet.

Water Jet

The water jet finish provides a rougher finish to the slabs. The quality of all water jet treated surfaces is incredibly high, making it a sound choice for rough finishes. These types of finishes are slip-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use.


Flamed slabs are primarily used for flooring. Flaming offers a forgiving finish. Some flaws which would be highlighted in a polished finish, can be hidden through a flamed finish. This type of finish can, in some cases, actually enhance the durability of the stone. This type of finish is relatively soft in appearance, with reduced chromatic contrast.


The brushed finish is similar to the bush-hammered finish, however, it has been slightly more refined. It offers a porous surface, which is matt in aperance. This is perfect for outdoor tiling or indoor usage.


A honed finish offers the same smoothness as a polished finish, however the appearance of this surface is matt. This type of finish offers very little light reflection and is perfect for interior walk ways which are accustomed to heavy traffic.  Once again, even though it is matt, since the finish is smooth, this finish is not suggested for outdoor flooring.


The antique finish provides a worn, weathered look, offering a depth perspective to the stone. Antique, or tumbling, is a process in which the natural stone’s surface is distressed. This type of finish is great for an outdoor section as the finish is not smooth – allowing for minimal slips when wet.


The leather finish provides a rich, sumptuous appeal to the viewer. This finish is similar to honed, as it offers a matt appearance. It offers a sheen look, as opposed to shiny. But unlike the honed finish, the leathered finish option offers a slight texture. This offers a sensory thrill when used in any entertainment area, kitchen or commercial space.

Sand Blasted

Sand blasted products are perfect for any outdoor surface, as they offer a more slip-resistant finish. This type of finish offers a material with a surface which appears to be slightly scratched – but not rugged. This type of finish results in the colour tones and veins of the stone becoming slightly dulled.


The bush-hammered finish is the most common finish for outdoor tiles. The bush-hammered effect offers an irregular textured surface to the natural stone. Pneumatic hammers within the finishing machine are used to carve out tiny pieces of the stone, resulting in this finish.