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Graniti Tecnica is a proud supplier of natural stone products, for both the international and South African market. From finished marble counter tops, to solid granite slabs, we supply all. Our range of finishes will allow you to select the exact type of natural stone you are looking for, for both internal and external uses, while our state of the art machinery and specialized package skills ensures that your goods will be delivered timeously with no breakage.

Our wide range of marble slabs is sourced predominantly from our quarry located in Namibia. Marble is a natural stone which is comprised of calcspar (shellfish, broken rocks and plant debris) which, over a period of between 1.5 to 3 billion years becomes compressed through high pressure and high-temperature environment. Due to the mineral content of each marble slab, the stone varies in both strength and colour variants from area to area.

Marble is the perfect finish for both internal and external design use. A marble countertop can complete a kitchen whilst a marble floor can put any room into a league of its own. Thanks to its luxurious appearance, this natural stone is the perfect finish for any property, both commercial and residential.

Dover White Slab by Graniti Tecnica

Dover White

Mystery White Slab by Graniti Tecnica

Mystery White

White Princess Slab by Graniti Tecnica

White Princess

Our Granite slabs are sourced from our quarries found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. We have a vast range of raw slabs available for consumers at all times but offer finished granite products to the market as well.

Granite is predominantly made up from quartz, micas, feldspars, and numerous other minerals. The mineral content of the slab will affect its colour as well as texture. Granite is the more robust stone of the two and boasts a high compressive strength. Furthermore, granite requires minimal maintenance, making it the ideal stone for kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor use.  

African Tapestry Slab by Graniti Tecnica

African Tapestry

African Tobacco Slab by Graniti Tecnica

African Tobacco

Ivory Cascade Slab by Graniti Tecnica

Ivory Cascade

African Rainbow Slab by Graniti Tecnica

African Rainbow

African fantasy Slab by Graniti Tecnica

African Fantasy

Zimbabwe Black Slab by Graniti Tecnica

Zimbabwe Black

Impala Slab by Graniti Tecnica


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